We’re not the everything store, we’re the right now store.

Ugo Delivery (Ugo, Inc.) is an on-demand delivery convenience store. Never make another time-consuming trip to the store while you’re working, studying, having fun, or staying up late. You’re only a few taps away from more convenience than you can handle. All you have to do is search through our comprehensive inventory of convenience items, add your favorite things to the cart, and checkout. We handle the rest and bring it straight to you, as soon as you order it.

Download the app (iOS/Android) for even more convenience. Save your payment information, browse products, and order straight from your phone whenever you want something delivered.

John G. Newman II

"Jay" Newman is the CEO, co-founder, visionary and president of the board of directors of Ugo, Inc. He was born and raised in northern New Jersey. Jay was a Communications major while attending the University of Alabama, in addition to his visionary pursuit of his entrepreneurial dream. Reading, history, spending time with his dogs, and watching the Philadelphia Eagles are a few of his favorite activities. Jay has incredible hopes for the future of Ugo and strives each day to add something positive to this world.

Matthew Tietz

Matthew Tietz is a Co-Founder/ Chief Marketing Officer at Ugo, Inc. He is Responsible for overseeing the planning, development and execution of marketing and advertising initiatives. Attended Rutgers University and Lynn University, studying Sports/Business Marketing and Advertising while playing baseball as well. Toward the end of his college career, he had the opportunity to either play baseball professionally or become an entrepreneur while Ugo was being conceived. Matthew joined John Newman II and William Randle shortly after.

Joey Murphy

Joey Murphy grew up in Hainesville, Illinois and moved to Alabama to study Computer Science at The University of Alabama. He joined Ugo in November of 2016 as a Software Developer Intern. After a year of growing with the company, he moved on to become Ugo's Software Consultant. He plans to to continue on working with Ugo following his graduation.